New Zealand Sees Huge Potential in Chinese Cleantech Market

China’s growing demand for energy efficiency and clean technology products and services has caught the attention of governments and private industry worldwide. It is not only the US that seeks to grow business in China’s rapidly expanding market. The New Zealand Herald recently reported on the growing clean energy sector in China, noting that China is now New Zealand’s second largest market. Contrary to popular opinionsn often voiced in the US press, China is not only an influential exporter, but an increasingly significant importer of clean energy technology, services, and investment. With China’s 12th Five-Year Plan focused on sustainable development and clean technology, the time is right for increased foreign investment and partnership development. New Zealand firms are trying to gain a foothold in the Chinese market, with a variety of early partnership projects including FloTech, which converts biogas to biomethane, and Energy Mad, which manufactures eco-friendly lightbulbs. Check out the full article to read more about how global firms are approaching China for investment and partnership opportunities in the energy sector.