China Invests in US Cleantech Industry

Despite controversy over trade with China, the US has also been a recent beneficiary of Chinese investment in US energy technology. In the past several months alone, new clean energy investment deals have targeted US-based manufacturers such as DuPont. Chinese firm Wanxiang USA Holdings Corp, for example, has invested $420 million into GreatPoint Energy, a Massachusetts coal-to-gas plant.

A recent article by ChinaDialogue details these and other recent deals, emphasizing the growing impact of Chinese investment in US cleantech – estimated to total more than $6 billion since 2006.

There are still barriers to increased investment and trade between China and the US in the cleantech space, however. Most significantly, unclear national policies and market uncertainty. The US continues to subsidize the oil and gas industry while many incentives aimed at the renewables industry – such as tax credits for wind – are uncertain and subject to constant renewal by Congress.

Read the full article at ChinaDialogue, which explores this issue in depth and provides additional numbers on increased investment in the US by Chinese firms.