Strong Energy Efficiency Targets Could Transform China’s Building Sector

Construction in Beijing from Flickr User Niubishop

Energy efficiency is increasingly being recognized as not only as environmentally friendly,  but also as a potentially huge source of cost savings.

In China, new construction and development projects have started to take energy efficiency into account from the very first steps.

Market research and consulting firm Pike Research recently released a study analyzing the increase in demand for energy efficient building technologies and energy management systems in Asia.

With new energy efficiency regulations coming into effect in China  combined with an ongoing construction boom, the market for efficiency technology is poised to grow. Pike Research pinpointed industry leaders in building automation systems –  JCI, Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider Electric, United Technologies Corporation, and Tyco – as likely beneficiaries of the rising demand.

You can read the full report to learn more about China’s building market and building automation technologies.