Welcome, Opower!

The China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance is pleased to welcome our newest partner – Opower!

Opower is a customer engagement platform for the utility industry which works to reinvent the way utilities interact with customers. They work on everything from the quality of information provided to the way it is presented and delivered. Opower helps people use energy more efficiently and ultimately save money on their energy bills. One of Opower’s innovative contributions to the energy efficiency field is the way they are working to make energy use personally relevant to consumers.

How does Opower works with utilities? Opower is a software platform that helps utilities revolutionize the way they interact with customers. Some of the tools that Opower leverages to generate energy savings include:

  • Home energy reports
  • Consumer-facing online energy portals
  • Mobile energy alert platforms
  • CSR tools for utilities

You can check out an example of Opower’s innovative work by reading this report on a recent report on how providing customers with “Home Energy Reports” enabled one California utility to generate 4% energy savings. Opower already works with Alliance partner utilities San Diego Gas & Electric and PG&E – learn more about their work at www.opower.com

The Alliance is excited to partner with Opower to promote and support energy efficiency initiatives and partnership opportunities in China and across the country.

UPDATE: Read Opower’s blog to hear from them why they joined forces with the Alliance!