Alliance President Barbara Finamore: The Environment Still Matters

Wind Farm in Shantou, China via Flickr user dcmaster

Alliance President Barbara Finamore was recently interviewed by Jonathan Stefonek for a piece in China Daily.

The article examines the prevalent attitude that green technology and environmental regulation can be a difficult sell in today’s climate. With the high-profile failure of several renewable energy firms in the past year, along with the sluggish global economy, politicians have come to see touting environmentally sustainable advances as a potential pitfall.

Not so, says Finamore, pointing out that the potential for China to save on energy via efficiency is massive. Not only can this reduce global pollution, but it can also reduce demand for costly fossil fuels in the future. Drawing upon her years of experience working on environmental issues and in China, Finamore acknowledges that convincing businesses and governments of the value of caring for the environment can be a slow process. However, the “hidden costs” of pollution and resource depletin have significant costs to business and society down the road, a fact which encourages advocates of green building, renewable energy, and other green technologies to keep pushing their important message.

Check out the full article over at China Daily to learn more about why we should all continue to strive for a greener future, despite the current focus on jobs creation at all costs.