New Report on Energy Efficiency Financing in China

The World Resources Institute (WRI) has recently released a report entitled:

“Communicating the ‘financeability’ of energy efficiency projects (EEPs): Guide to data needs for financing EEPs in China“.

Air conditioners on the Hong Kong Golden Mansion by Flickr user See-ming Lee

The team behind the report, Xiaoyu Shi, Thomas K. Dreessen, and Alexander Perera, seeks to help industrial companies finance EEPs at their facilities. Since the guide focuses on the data needed to make financing decisions, it could also be of use to energy services companies (ESCOs), financial institutions, and project managers.

The authors of the guide present three key findings that could help improve successes in securing financing for EEPs:

  • Understand the information and decision-making needs of financiers and communicate early and often.
  • Perform a self-assessment of the proposed EEP to be financed such as the project size, technology, etc.
  • Provide detailed information at the beginning of the project to improve credibility with financiers.

By following the guidelines presented by the authors, a “host” (a facility or group seeking financing for an EEP project) can improve chances of securing funding, thereby making much-needed energy efficiency upgrades that can reduce energy usage and pollution.

With detailed information on each step of the EEP financing process – from pre-screening and creditworthiness assessments all the way through to financing decisions – the guide offers information that can help increase financing for critical energy efficiency upgrades at Chinese facilities.