Do You Know About The Energy2030 Initiative?

From ASE 2030 Homepage

The Alliance to Save Energy is heading up an initiative aimed at envisioning what the energy picture in the US could look like in 2030 “if energy productivity doubles”. Dubbed “Energy2030” this initiative is part of a larger project: “The Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy”. The Commission works with a bipartisan group of experts and politicians to work on a set of energy goals and policy recommendations. The result of this partnership and work is the “Energy2030” project.

On the “Energy2030” page, you can view a tidy infographic that visually represents just some of the key impacts that increased efficiency could have in the US by 2030. Cutting across livability, economic productivity, cost savings, security, and environmental impact, the “Energy2030” project makes a clear case for enacting strong energy-efficiency policies and incentives immediately.

If you are interested in learning more, the Commission’s full report is available to the public here.  While this project focuses on the US, we think the lessons learned and the importance of promoting the potential impact of energy efficiency is a message we can take worldwide.