Alliance President Barbara Finamore on NPR: Air Pollution in China

Air Pollution In Beijing January 2013 By Flickr User Chris Aston

National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” radio show recently featured Barbara Finamore, President of the China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance and NRDC Asia Director. The radio piece, entitled: “China’s Air Pollution Linked To Millions Of Early Deaths” aired on NPR on April 2.

The interview was prompted by a new analysis that claims that each year, up to one million Chinese citizens succumb to premature deaths linked to air pollution. The report focused in on the fact that air pollution is now regarded as the 4th leading cause of death in China.

Finamore noted the tide seems to be turning in terms of the national government’s willingness to institute stronger regulations to protect the air and environment.  As international and local attention  focuses on the dire air pollution challenge, the Chinese government is becoming more and more likely to take strong action to protect human health and the environment.