8 Ways China and California Can Work Together

Alliance President Barbara Finamore was just featured in the Huffington Post on “8 Ways that China and California Can Work Together to Reduce Pollution and Protect the Environment”.

The piece details insights from California Governor Jerry Brown’s recent trip to China. Finamore notes that climate change and environmental protection were a key focus on this trip, and that the importance of collaboration between China and California was emphasized.

Finamore’s article underlines the fact that although there is renewed attention to environmental technology in China, as well as cooperation with California, there is an existing history of collaboration in this area.

In fact, the China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance’s work is part of this history of cooperation – given the Alliance’s involvement in bringing the energy-efficiency expertise of California utilities and regulators to China.

Check out the complete article here to read an in-depth discussion of the 8 ways that China and California can work together in the future to ensure a cleaner environment and more sustainable future for all.