The science is in! New study finds China is exporting harmful air pollution to the U.S.

NY Times/ European Pressphoto Agency

NY Times/ European Pressphoto Agency

Shocking results from a recent study finds pollution from Chinese industry is contributing to worsening air quality in U.S. West Coast states like California. The New York Times reported that the study’s research is the first to quantify how air pollution in the United States is being affected by China’s production of goods for export and by global consumer demand for those goods.

This study reveals the importance of how interconnected China’s pollution really is. Alex L. Wang, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, responded to the study by saying: “This is a reminder to us that a significant percentage of China’s emissions of traditional pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions are connected to the products we buy and use every day in the U.S. We should be concerned, not only because this pollution is harming the citizens of China, but because it’s damaging the air quality in parts of the U.S.”

The pollution is having dire effects on human health in China. For example, there is a drop in life spans in northern China because of the harmful air pollutants they are exposed to daily. It is now affecting the health of those living in U.S. West Coast states due to the westerly winds bringing the pollution across the Pacific Ocean.

The Alliance has been monitoring this issue and concluded that not only do we need to continue our focus on protecting the global environment, but also need to focus on protecting human health. Thus we updated our mission to reflect this important issue: Protecting human health and the global environment by working with China to promote Energy Efficiency as a preferred energy resource. 

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