Join the Chair of the California Energy Commission, Robert Weisenmiller, and leading energy efficiency companies from across the nation on a business development mission to China!

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Space is very limited!

Overview of the mission:

China’s 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015) calls for a 16% reduction in the energy intensity of the economy (energy consumption/unit GDP). Moreover, for the first time, provincial officials are being evaluated on the achievement of this metric. Consequently, opportunities abound for U.S. companies to leverage their expertise and expand their business to help China achieve its energy efficiency goals.

The focus of this one-week mission is to help U.S. companies that provide technology and/or services related to energy efficiency to enter into (or expand operations in) the Chinese market. The mission helps participants identify and take advantage of real business opportunities.

This is a very cost-effective way for companies to:

  • meet one-on-one with potential business partners in locations where there are specific needs for energy efficiency products and services (see below for more information);
  • network with key decision-makers from government and the private sector.

In addition, this mission will help companies to understand and learn how to navigate the EE market and gain practical insights into doing business in China.  This could be particularly helpful for companies looking to enter China’s market for the first time.

What makes this mission unique?

By leveraging the experience and connections of the mission’s organizers, we have carefully designed a unique opportunity for qualified U.S. companies that:

  • Provides targeted one-on-one meeting opportunities with Chinese companies and government officials;
  • Includes opportunities to meet with local experts to gain a better understanding of doing business in China, particularly in the EE sector;
  • Provides post-mission support through assistance from the mission organizers.

This mission is part of a multi-year program to support U.S. companies interested in entering China’s energy efficiency market.

Who should participate? 

The mission is geared to any company with proven technology and/or expertise in the energy efficiency sector, including equipment, software and service providers. We are focusing on companies that have sufficient experience, staff and funding to be able to make a commitment to working in China. For purposes of this mission, energy efficiency includes residential and commercial building efficiency/green buildings (new buildings and retrofits) as well as industrial efficiency.

Several companies have already registered to participate, including Nexant and Optony.

Timing and itinerary:

December 7-13, 2014. The week-long mission will begin in Beijing and visit Tianjin, Qingdao and Changzhou. These cities were chosen because they have specific needs for support in the energy efficiency sector, have the strong support of local officials, and have the ability to set up one-on-one meetings geared to the interests of participating companies. Visit website or contact us for more itinerary details.

How much does it cost?

Total cost per participant is $7500 for all expenses in China. 

  • This includes all meetings, receptions, translation, domestic travel, accommodations, and meals.
  • This does not include roundtrip airfare between the U.S. and China, visas, and company-specific needs (such as brochures and interpretation for one-on-one meetings).

Contact information:                             

(415) 951-8975

Mission website: