Trade Mission – MONDAY, DEC 8, BEIJING

By Julia Beabout, PE

The first day of the mission was chock full of information, providing insights on opportunities in China and a chance to exchange experience and insights on improving energy efficiency.

We started the day at the beautiful new United States Embassy with a briefing by the US Departments of Energy and Commerce on China’s energy efficiency market.

US Embassy Beijing

Photo credit: US Dept. of State


Under the recent APEC agreement, the Chinese and US governments agreed to deepen their commitments to improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions and also to continue their extensive collaboration in these areas. This will expand the already rapidly growing energy efficiency market in China and the demand for US products and services there.

Later our esteemed delegates met with government officials from China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)—China’s central economic planning ministry and where energy efficiency policy making is made.

trade mission delegation 1

Photo credit: Julia Beabout


Chair Robert Weisenmiller of the California Energy Commission described how California has been able to grow its economy while keeping its per capita energy consumption flat. As a result, California is a US and world leader in energy efficiency.

trade mission weisenmiller 1

Photo credit: Julia Beabout


Demand response has and will continue to be key to achieving California’s energy efficiency. The trade mission delegates were given the opportunity to present their innovative demand response solutions to China’s largest power company, State Grid.

From the Chinese side, one featured project opportunity of the day was Green Dragon Lake (GDL), a new business district in the southwest corner of Beijing. The project has a net-zero goal, and the GDL developers plan to incorporate many innovative technologies from the US and abroad to reach this goal. On Sunday, the Project Developers, China Development Orient, treated us to a tour of the gorgeous property including their recently finished MGM Grand hotel. Additional information about the project can be obtained by clicking here.

During Monday’s lunch and dinnerthe delegates were given the opportunity to learn from US companies with successful operations in China such as Honeywell and EPS Capital.