Trade Mission – WEDNESDAY, DEC 10, QINGDAO

[Please excuse delay in blogging the mission updates due to illness and technical issues.]

By Julia Beabout, PE

On Tuesday evening, after getting caught in one of China’s impressive traffic jams, we made our way to Qingdao.  Qingdao is located on the northeast coast of Shandong province which is the Province directly east of Beijing.  Although Qingdao is best known as the home of Tsingdao beer, it is also home to 8 million of China’s citizens and considered one of China’s most livable cities.  The city is slated by the national government to become a low-carbon city.  By 2015, Qingdao’s CO2 emissions must drop by 18% when compared with 2010 levels. The city has been aggressively implementing new measures for tracking and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and implementing low-carbon technologies.

Qingdao is also exploring ways of working with the US, San Francisco in particular, to deepen economic exchange and low-carbon cooperation.  It has also expressed a strong desire to partner with leading U.S. clean technology companies to help meet its low-carbon goals. Qingdao plans to set up a representative office in San Francisco to support this economic and low-carbon cooperation.

The day started with a warm welcome by the mayor of Qindao.

Mayor of Qingdao1

Photo credit: Tyler Espinoza

Mayor of Qingdao2

Photo credit: Tyler Espinoza

After lunch we headed to our afternoon meetings with the local officials.  The officials gave us an update on the city and their plans for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.  As an industrial and transport city, their focus is on reducing energy demand, water pollution, and emissions associated with boilers.  As a manufacturing center they plan to increase their focus on producing and using eco-friendly materials, as well as high efficiency appliances and lighting.

Qingdao meeting1

Photo credit: Tyler Espinoza

The afternoon concluded with one-one-meetings between our delegates and local businesses.

Historic Qingdao

Historic Qingdao. Photo credit: Tyler Espinoza