5 ways energy efficiency is changing the world

shutterstock_208248292_news_featured1. It’s making energy smarter 

The power generation industry is the world’s largest energy consumer, and some fuel sources and technologies can be extremely inefficient. A plant’s electrical system can consume between seven and 15 per cent of all the energy it produces, taking away from its revenues and profitability.

However, software and hardware interventions can make these power plants more energy efficient and improve their overall performance.

ABB has been manufacturing motors and generators used in power plants for more than three decades, and has the systems and expertise to ensure that these fixtures operate optimally.

For example, the firm’s Symphony Plus system – a combination of software, electrical devices and communication networks – helps industries reduce power consumption through better monitoring and control. Power and water plants maximise their efficiency by automating the various complex processes that take place within each facility.

In Singapore, the Senoko Power Station in 2013 commissioned the installation of the Symphony Plus System, a move that the Senoko power plant’s head of instrumentation and control, Lim Leong Chuan, said would enable plant workers to spot any inefficiencies or malfunctions and correct them quickly.

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