China Seeks Energy Efficiency In Construction


View from Jinmao Tower. Credit: Shutterstock

ChinaDaily reports that China ranks second in energy efficiency investment for buildings with $18 billion, according to the latest market report from the International Energy Association.

The annual report was released at the Center for Strategic International Studies in Washington on Wednesday.

“The US has the largest amount of investment followed by China and Germany, based on the information that we are able to get,” said Philippe Benoit, head of the Energy Efficiency and Environment Division at the IEA in Paris.

“Every year we look at a particular sector to analyze energy-efficiency investment,” Benoit said. “Last year, we looked at transport, and this year we looked at buildings. We estimated that investment in energy efficiency in buildings is $90 billion, which includes the installation of the inspection system and the lighting in buildings.

“Energy-efficiency investment in China has continued to grow in step with the pace of investment growth in the building-construction market,” the report said. “In 2014, more than $18 billion was invested in building energy efficiency in China, with more than $11 billion of that invested in residential buildings.”

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