Seven Things You Should Know About China’s Coal Consumption

By Alliance President, Barbara Finamore


Photo Credit: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

China’s issuance in August of its 2014 Energy Statistical Yearbook has recently garnered attention as a result of a New York Times article noting the yearbook’s substantial upward revision of China’s coal consumption statistics and their potential implications for China’s GHG emissions and the December Paris climate negotiations. These statistics provide additional data on China’s coal consumption, building on previous summary releases from the National Statistics Bureau in February and June publications. The increase in China’s national coal consumption figures means that the global climate challenge is greater than we believed. Yet so is the opportunity to get this right – for the people of China, and for the entire world. China isn’t hiding from this. On the contrary, China is working hard to improve its ability to monitor coal use and carbon pollution so that it can develop stronger policies to address them. That’s exactly where these new figures come from.

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