U.S. Ranks Behind China in Energy Efficiency

Based on a new report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), among twenty-three nations that consume 75% of the world’s energy and generate more than 80% of global gross domestic product, Germany ranks at the top for energy efficiency, followed by Italy and Japan, tied for second place. The United States ranks eighth, tied with South Korea, behind France, the United Kingdom, China and Spain.

The ACEEE report concluded:

Our results indicate that there are substantial opportunities for improvement in all the economies evaluated in this report. The average score was just 51 points. Low-scoring developing countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, and Mexico have great potential to build energy efficiency into their continued economic growth by implementing policies in their industrial, buildings, and transportation sectors. Their more developed counterparts could lead by example and implement ambitious policies that will further reduce energy consumption.

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