Major Achievements

  • Helped design China’s first large-scale energy efficiency incentive program in Jiangsu Province
  • Facilitated a groundbreaking cooperative agreement between California and Jiangsu Province to promote energy efficiency activities, with the Alliance and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as implementing partners
  • Provided, with NRDC, guidance and recommendations to the highest levels of the Chinese government on the development of national and provincial DSM policies and programs
  • Presented detailed comments on China’s draft comprehensive Energy Law, in collaboration with the Alliance Technical Advisory Group
  • Co-sponsored “Forum on Demand Side Management” events  in Beijing to discuss DSM and share best practices
  • Worked with NDRC  and other Chinese and US partners to develop a national DSM Implementation Manual,  setting out international best practices for DSM implementation, monitoring and verification adapted to the circumstances in China
  • Co-sponsored CCTV film crew trip to US to film and tape interviews in San Francisco and New York for a seven-part documentary series on energy efficiency
  • Co-sponsored study tours to the US and to China in order for officials and experts from both countries to gain greater insights into best practices and opportunities for further cooperation
  • Hosts  a “Roundtable Series” where leaders in energy efficiency can:  gain insights on energy-related developments in China from key experts; exchange information and experience; and network with others working in this field