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The Work of the Alliance is Critical to the Health of the Global Environment

The work of the Alliance is critical to the health of the global environment and addresses the biggest opportunities in China to combat climate change. PG&E is proud to be an Alliance Partner and to support its activities.

-Peter Darbee, Fomer CEO and President, PG&E Corporation

As an Entrepreneur, I Strive to Build Businesses That Can Provide Great Impact for Our Community

As an entrepreneur, I strive to build businesses that can provide great impact for our community. I support the China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance because it has a unique opportunity to help China develop a market opportunity to turn massive amounts of wasted energy into valuable resources and at the same time drive down global warming emissions to benefit the global community.

-Peter Liu, Initial Founder & Vice Chairman, New Resource Bank

Tackling the Energy and Environmental Challenges is in the Mutual Interests of Our Two Nations

Tackling the energy and environmental challenges is in the mutual interests of our two nations. The two countries should work together in achieving our energy and environmental goals.

-Jon Wellinghoff, former chairman of the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission