Alliance Seeks New Board Members

Alliance board member Terry Fry and Alliance executive director Marjorie Sun recruiting at Board Match.

Alliance board member Terry Fry and executive director Marjorie Sun recruiting at Board Match.


The Alliance made its debut at Board Match in San Francisco yesterday. It’s a speed-dating event between about a hundred Bay Area non-profits–selected by Board Match–and hundreds of individuals who want to become board members or volunteers. Nearly 40 folks stopped by to chat with us. We’re thrilled! If you’re interested in becoming a board member of the Alliance, email us. We’d love to hear from you.

Alliance President on Charlie Rose

Alliance president Barbara Finamore was interviewed by Charlie Rose this week! Check out the video here. It’s a great interview that puts into context the current visit to the U.S. by Chinese President Xi Jinping with President Trump. Barbara describes what the U.S. stands to lose as the Trump Administration dismantles existing climate change policies, what the U.S. can gain by pursuing clean energy, and how China is leading to combat carbon emissions.

Paulson Institute’s Kevin Mo Joins Alliance Council

Dr. Kevin Mo, Managing Director of Paulson Institute in China

Dr. Kevin Mo, Managing Director of Paulson Institute in China [Paulson Institute photo]

The Alliance is honored to announce that Dr. Kevin Mo, managing director of the Paulson Institute Representative Office in Beijing, has become a member of our Leadership Council. The Alliance Board approved his appointment March 3. Among his many accomplishments, Mo is a leading expert on promoting policies to accelerate energy efficiency in buildings . Before joining the Paulson Institute, he was director of Energy Foundation’s China Building Program for five years. He also worked at the Natural Resources Defense Council as director of its international sustainability buildings project. He earned his doctorate at Carnegie Mellon University, a master’s at Tsinghua University and a bachelor’s degree at Zhejiang University.

The Alliance Leadership Council comprises leaders in energy and energy efficiency in the public and private sectors. Council members advise the Alliance on trends, programs and strategic planning.

Art Rosenfeld, “Godfather of EE”, Friend of Alliance, Dies

To our community–The Alliance would not exist without the vision and support of Art Rosenfeld, who passed away last week. Barbara Finamore, Alliance President and Founder of NRDC’s China Program, offers this remembrance.

The Alliance is deeply saddened by the passing of Art Rosenfeld on January 27, 2017 at the age of 90. The New York Times wrote a touching tribute to him and his unsurpassed legacy as the Godfather of Energy Efficiency.

But the Times failed to note what an enormous impact he had around the world, particularly in China. Art was a strong supporter of the Alliance from the very start.  He proudly served on our Leadership Council. He traveled to China several times with the Alliance to share his expertise.

Art was absolutely pivotal in bringing energy efficiency to China.  Indeed, when former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu gave his first presentation on energy efficiency in China a few years later, most of his slides came from Art! One in particular is quite famous. Art calculated how much power could be saved by energy efficiency in China compared with what would be produced by the Three Gorges Dam. It was nearly identical! Art’s work helped show that energy efficiency was an enormous resource to be harnessed, rather than a burden. He really brought the idea home to people in China.

Yet Art was humble enough to engage and absorb outside ideas and suggestions from China on energy efficiency. On one of his trips to China, when I went to pick him up outside his hotel room, he noted that all the hotel rooms had automatic on/off switches that required key cards to operate. So if you left the room, the lights would turn off. Art remarked he was going to have to get this adopted in California. He was on the California Energy Commission at the time. And he did!

So now when you check in to an American hotel and insert your key to keep the lights on, that is Art’s handiwork in bringing Chinese ingenuity to the United States. Energy efficiency is always a two-way street and we can always learn from one another. Art never forgot that.

I also greatly appreciated that, when we would bring high-level American delegations to China, they would sometimes stay in fancy hotels in Beijing.  But Art would always stay with the NRDC staff in lower-priced hotels. He said, “What was good enough for NRDC was good enough for me”.

A couple of years ago, when Fran Schulberg, former Alliance Executive Director, and I went to visit Art at his home, he was very frail and wheelchair bound. We had to wait for him to finish his regular call with the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. He was full of ideas and insights until the very end – a tireless champion for a cleaner Earth.

Art Rosenfeld was a giant, representing the very best of science and humanity.  And he changed all our lives for the better.


B. Finamore: Tillerson’s Bad for U.S.-China Climate Efforts

Alliance President Barbara Finamore urges the Senate to reject Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon-Mobil, as Secretary of State. In a piece for Chinafile on Dec. 30,  she said “putting the CEO of the world’s largest private oil and gas company…. threatens to derail the serious bilateral progress being made on climate change by the U.S. and China, the world’s two largest carbon emitters.”