China cuts its energy efficiency goal for 2015, signaling greater concern about economic growth.

Credit: Smog hangs over Shanghai AFP

Credit: Smog hangs over Shanghai AFP

Alarming news regarding EE in China: The Chinese government set an energy savings target for this year of just 3.1 percent, the smallest of the past decade, over 20 percent below the goal for last year and 35 percent less than officially achieved.

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Solutions to Carbon Reduction are within China’s Reach

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Smoke spewing from the chimney of a coal-based power plant in Qiqiha’er, Heilongjiang province, in September. Electricity companies account for 40 percent of the carbon emissions in China. WANG YUNLONG/FOR CHINA DAILY

A look at China’s building sector and the advantage of deploying energy efficiency for new buildings and retrofitting older ones.

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New Pilot Program Aims to Expand Energy Efficiency in Chinese Cities (WRI)

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Retrofitting public buildings to be more energy efficient is an important step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions in China. Photo by Brendan Corey Benson/Flickr.

The World Resources Institute (WRI) recently published a timely article on building efficiency in China, including updates from the recent U.S.-China Symposium on Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). This article explores the need of installing efficient technologies and energy codes for inefficient existing buildings, as well as new buildings – to ultimately reduce emissions and other harmful air pollutants.

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Chinese Newscast Highlights Trade Mission

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Chinese City and District Representatives meet with California Energy Commission Delegation 

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English transcript:

Yesterday, a delegation from the United States’ California Energy Commission came to to Changzhou City, Wujin District for an official visit.  District leaders Fang Guoqiang, Zang Jianzhong and Ling Guangyao met with the Chairman of the Energy Commission, Robert Weisenmiller.

The California Energy Commission delegation traveled to Beijing, Tianjin and Qingdao, ending in Wujin District.  The aim of the mission was to promote US-China clean energy technology cooperation, strengthen guidance for energy saving and carbon reduction enterprises and expand business in the Chinese markets.

Vice Mayor Fang Guoqiang stated that the Chinese economy has entered a new normal:   a model that must hold fast to the development of a green, low carbon, circular economy.  Changzhou and Wujin are promoting and applying new energy resources and advancing innovative practices, including initiating progressive government assessments of new building projects; carrying out household  energy efficiency action plans; encouraging enterprises to carry out energy saving renovations; vigorously spreading new energy resources, phasing-out coal power plants and small boilers;  and establishing green building demonstration zones; etc.  Fang Guoqiang expressed that America has many worthwhile technologies that Changzhou can draw lessons from.  He hopes to explore opportunities for cooperation and trade with California in the areas of human capital and science and technology innovation and thereby advance Changzhou’s low carbon model throughout Jiangsu province and the whole country.

Chair Weisenmiller expressed that the two parties face related environmental challenges: air, water, and soil pollution.   He hopes to use science and technology to promote an eco-revolution in solar, wind, geothermal and bio-mass energy and collaborate on their large scale manufacture.  Weisenmiller said America and China both possess powerful human capital, scientific knowledge and hold tight to a beautiful vision of the future.  He stated that California is willing to work with Changzhou to realize sustainable urban development.

Translation by Julia Beabout, PE

SOTU and the U.S.- China Climate Change Agreement


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Alliance President, Barbara Finamore, recently blogged about President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address and how it brings to light the importance of China-US cooperation on climate action.

Barbara writes, ”Some American politicians might scoff at the idea that China is serious and committed to climate change, or even go so far as to suggest that all of China’s climate actions and commitments are just another giant hoax. Yet I’ve watched China’s climate programs in action, and they are very real indeed. I’ve seen how China’s world-leading investments in, and commitments to, renewable energy, clean transportation, low carbon cities and energy efficient industries are already producing results. And as China continues to close down coal mines and order more regions to cut coal consumption, China’s coal use has fallen for the first time this century and continues to drop.”

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