Alliance President, Barbara Finamore, Speaks with CCTV America

Barbara on CCTV America 2015

CCTV America’s Phillip TK Yin interviews Barbara Finamore

Alliance President, Barbara Finamore, discussed with CCTV America about the economic impact of China’s smog alert reactions.

“Under the red alert, the capital banned two million private cars from roads, closed more than two thousand factories and suspended construction work. Schools were also closed. People rushed to stores to buy masks and air purifiers. Alibaba, the online retail giant, reported sales 150 percent higher than normal, with some shortages. Prices for fresh vegetables and fruits have risen too.”

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Beijing Issues Red Alert Over Air Pollution for the First Time (NYT)

“BEIJING — Officials in Beijing declared on Monday that the thick smog blanketing the city was bad enough to require a red alert, the first time they had raised the alarm to its highest level since an emergency air-pollution response system was announced in 2013.”

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A Graphic Reminder Why COP21 Is Important

Birthday Canyon, Greenland ice sheet from “Chasing Ice” documentary

By Marjorie Sun, Alliance Executive Director

This week, negotiators from the world are wrestling to come to an agreement to curb global warming. Here is just one profound and dramatic reason–this rare footage of melting of glaciers–that the need to slash greenhouse gas emissions by the U.S. and China–the world’s two biggest emitters–is urgent and paramount. I highly recommend this documentary, “Chasing Ice”, which won an Emmy last year. It’s a profound testament to the filmmaker’s bravery and his commitment to tell this compelling story about the destruction caused by climate change. The Alliance is working hard to promote energy efficiency as a critical tool to slash carbon emissions in China and the United States.


Beijing, With Red Alert for Smog in Full Force, Closes Schools and Limits Traffic (NYT)

“BEIJING — Emergency measures adopted for Beijing’s first “red alert” over air pollution left millions of schoolchildren cooped up at home, forced motorists off the roads and shut down factories across the region on Tuesday, but they failed to dispel the toxic air that shrouded the Chinese capital in a soupy, metallic haze.”

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China takes big step in electricity system reform

Last week, China released documents on electricity sector reforms covering everything from pricing to setting up a national electricity futures market.

Xinhua news reported, “The new pricing system, which was piloted in Shenzhen and Inner Mongolia early this year, will be expanded to Anhui, Hubei, Yunnan, and Guizhou provinces and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, according to one of the six documents jointly published by the National Energy Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top economic planner.”

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